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This summer, the historic flooding of the Little Sioux River and Iowa Great Lakes brought unprecedented devastation to our beloved communities in Dickinson and Clay counties. Homes were submerged, lives were upended, and the heart of our community was tested like never before. But in the face of this disaster, we have an incredible opportunity to come together, rebuild, and create a stronger, more resilient future for everyone.

At Northwest Iowa Habitat for Humanity, we are dedicated to restoring hope and stability to those affected by these floods. Our mission goes beyond just building houses; we are committed to building homes, strengthening communities, and providing a foundation for families to thrive. But we cannot do this alone—we need your support.

Your Donations Make a Difference

By donating to Northwest Iowa Habitat for Humanity, you are directly contributing to the rebuilding and construction of homes for families in need. Your generosity will help us:

  1. Rebuild Homes: Many families have lost everything to the floods. With your help, we can restore their homes, ensuring they have a safe, dry place to return to.
  2. Construct New Homes: The demand for affordable housing has never been greater. Your donations will enable us to build new, affordable homes, giving more families the chance to own a piece of the American dream.
  3. Support Habitat Homeowners: Habitat homeowners are hardworking families who partner with us to achieve their goal of homeownership. Your contribution helps provide them with the stability and security they need to build a better future.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Now, more than ever, we need your help. Your donation, no matter the size, will make a profound impact on the lives of those affected by the floods. Together, we can turn tragedy into triumph, ensuring that everyone in Dickinson and Clay counties has a safe, decent place to call home. Every dollar you give goes directly towards our community.

Please join us in this critical effort. Donate today to Northwest Iowa Habitat for Humanity and be a part of rebuilding our community, one home at a time.

Financial donations can be dropped off at our office at 710 Lake Street, Spirit Lake or mailed to:
P.O. Box 754
Spirit Lake, IA 51360

Thank you for your compassion, generosity, and commitment to making a lasting difference.

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